MIND stands for "mentally in distress". It is a non government, non profitable charity organization working towards the welfare of the people with mental illnesses and promoting the cause of mental health in Pakistan.

In this modern era of development when scientists and experts have invented the cure of almost all the diseases there are still some places where psychiatric patients are being subjected to inhuman treatment methods of the dark ages such as tying them with chains and blood letting etc.

The shrine of Haji Sher near Burewala (a small town some 300 kilometer from Lahore) is one of such places where these methods are still being practiced. At this shrine the psychiatric patients from all over the country are tied with chains to the trees/ walls. It is believed that when these patients recover by the blessing of the saint, the chains will open up automatically. This practice is going on there for centuries



Addressed to all fortunate, affluent and privileged persons!

A mere Rs.1500 or US$15 worth of medicines is all it takes to mitigate the suffering of a psychiatric patient for one month.

Step out of your insular lives, peep into the world of misery and see what exists beyond your familiar world and then decide whether Rs.1500 or US$15 a month have dire utility for you or for those for whom it means the difference between sanity and insanity, suffering and relief, life and death. Regularly donate Rs.1500 or US$15 a month to help those who are unable to help themselves.